Rental Advantages

The Smart Way to Rent

When shopping for your rental, compare rental details as well as rental prices. In addition to having the lowest prices guaranteed, we strive to make our rental policies the most up-front and customer-friendly available.

All rentals from Inc. include:

  • Prepaid minutes with “roll-over for life”
  • Your rental does not begin until it is delivered
  • No deposit required
  • No activation or setup fees
  • Prepaid minute purchase not required
  • Free pelican case included
  • Same day shipping available

No Charge for Shipping Time

Most competitors give you just 3 days “grace period” to receive the phone after your rental. This will often force you to pay for expedited shipping services in order to return the rental within the allotted time. With you are never charged for shipping time. Your rental begins on the day you receive your phone and ends on the day you ship it back. If your rental ends on a weekend or holiday, you can ship it back the following business day!

No Deposit Required

Many competitors charge your credit card $200 or more in addition to your rental to cover airtime you may or may not use. They will then refund any unused portion within 30 – 60 days. At, your credit card is only charged for your actual rental costs.

Prepaid Minutes not Required

Here at we understand that you may only need a satellite phone in case of an emergency. We do not require you to purchase airtime you do not want or need.

Free Pelican Case

As part of your rental, includes a Pelican case for the ultimate protection of your equipment. This lightweight case is foam-lined and water-tight. Most competitors charge $15 extra for this essential item.

Same Day Shipping carries a large inventory of satellite phone rentals. If ordered before the FedEx cut-off, we can almost always ship out your rental the same day. Exclusives

Only’s rental include shared prepaid minutes on multiple rental lines for outgoing and incoming calls at no extra charge.  Best of all, unused prepaid minutes roll-over with no expiration dates and can be used on any rental in the future. The ultimate in simplicity of pricing and flexibility.

FedEx Shipping

FedEx First Overnight (8:00 am), Priority Overnight (10:30 am), Standard Overnight (5:00 pm), 2-Day, and Express Saver shipping are available at competitive rates. Free pickup is available at our San Ramon headquarters. Free rental drop-off is accepted at our drop box listed on the home page.